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Senda basket jersey


For this 3rd collection, we we develop basketball's equipment. 

For our first basketball jersey, ALKÉ uses its emblematic pattern of team jerseys, the chevron pattern.

An all over of triangles, this jersey embodies a certain form of paradox and meeting of two worlds.

The upward facing triangle is a symbol of stability, balance, progress and success. When the triangle stands on end, it becomes a symbol of instability, danger and insecurity. This geometrical pattern evokes much more than a simple triangle and evokes the complexity and the beauty of being a woman in sport.

We named the first basketball jersey Senda, in reference to one of the pioneers of women's basketball.

 Made In Italy

 OEKO-TEX® certified 


  Standard delivery (excl. preorder) from 2 to 5 days in Metropolitan France

7 to 15 days for Europe, and 15 to 25 days for North America.


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Who was Senda Berenson ?

Senda Berenson (1868-1954), the sports teacher who developed women's basketball.

The discipline is recent, created in 1891 by the doctor and sports teacher James Naismith, it consists in putting a ball in a wooden box installed in height in a gymnasium. 

Much less boring than calisthenics which was very popular at the time, Senda introduced this new discipline in 1892 by proposing initiations which met with great success and led to the organization of inter-class meetings. She adapted the rules for the female public. The field was divided into 3 zones with the obligation to stay in the assigned zone. The number of dribbles and the time to keep the ball were limited. In 1901, she wrote the rules "Basketball Guide for Women" which will remain a reference until the 1960s.

She worked for the creation of the American Basketball Committee for Women, which later became the National Association for Girls and Women in Sports. She served as its president for seventeen years.

Senda Berenson continued to teach until the early 1920s. She spent the rest of her life traveling and studying art and music.

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