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20 jerseys to fight against breast cancer in sale on our website from October 1st.

"The women's section wanted through its sport to defend this cause which affects more and more women in the world and sometimes their loved ones. Celine, member of the club, is a nurse and lives with cancer every day. She knows how much there is. need help with research. When she presented the project to the girls and to the club, the collegial response was a big YES! "FC Sussargues

The goal of this project? Raise awareness among women on and around the field of the fight against breast cancer and raise funds for research, through the sale of jerseys co-branded by the clubs.

Discover the 11 partner clubs by region



- The JUP, Jeunesse Unie de Plougonven in Finistère, has been the historic partner club of the Pink October operation with ALKÉ since 2019.

The club was born in 1932 in a Breton territory with a strong footballing culture. Over the years, family and work values ​​endure. It is not uncommon to see girls playing on youth teams. And in 2011, the club opened a football school for girls. In 2016, the senior female group was born and quickly climbed the ranks to participate this year in its first season in the Breton elite: the Regional 1.

The club has 125 female licensees.

Website: http://club.quomodo.com/juplougonven


- The VGA Bohars, Vie au Grand Air

La Vie au Grand Air de Bohars was officially born on February 12, 1935, the date of its official creation. However, the origins of the VGAB are older and from the 1920s, football was played in the small town. This small French town is located in the department of Finistère, in the region of Brittany, it is part of Brest metropolis with other towns such as Gouesnou or even Guilers. The club saw the birth of the first women's team in its history in 2014, which marked the start of women's football in Bohars.

The women's section was launched in 2013 by Stéphane Colin, Bruno Guénéguès and Cyrielle Le Her, it has nearly 120 graduates, it receives the bronze label in 2018 this distinction will reward the work provided by volunteers. Also in 2018, the female U17s won the District Cup.

The VGAB has the Mathieu Pellen stadium with its synthetic pitch and also the Kreisker a grass field, a referee changing room, 4 players changing rooms, an office and a grandstand all located at the Mathieu Pellen stadium.

The club has 120 women.

Website: https://vga-bohars.footeo.com/


- US Cléder Sibiril, Union Sportive Clédéroise

The Union Sportive Clédéroise was created on August 21, 1946. However, football was already played in Cléder under the colors of the patronage: "La saint Ké".

One of the emblematic figures who have evolved within the club is Louis FLOCH, known as Loulou FLOCH (PSG-Monaco-Stade Brestois, ...).

The club has created a women's section for several years now and has grown from year to year until it has today: a U13 team, a U15F team, a U17F team and a SeniorF team. This involvement in women's football made it possible to obtain the label of the FFF School of women's football 2018-2021.

The club had 72 women for the 2018-2019 season, the current workforce is 50 players.


- AS Plobannalec, Association Sportive Plobannalec Lesconil

The club was founded in 1946, in 2020 the senior men's pennant team advance to the Regional 1 championship, the club's highest level ever. The women's section was created in 2014 and is playing in the departmental championship. This season, the senior women's team has around twenty licensed members aged 16 to 53.

Motto: "I never lose either I win or I learn"

Website: as-plobannaleclesconil.footeo.com

Parisian region

- FC Wissous, in the 91

The club was created 10 years ago. In a friendly and peaceful spirit, it helps develop, train and prepare young people for playing football under the supervision of qualified educators.

Present in all categories from U6 to over 45s, the club has been supporting and developing the Women's Section for 4 years. Initially at 7 the first two seasons, the recruitment of players allowed the creation of an 11 team which is currently playing in Regional 3.

The club has 32 female licensees.

Website: fcwissous.com


- Manita Club, in Paris, a club that is not really one!

The Manita Club was born out of a questioning: How can we explain that so few women play football, when it is the most played sport in the world ?! What are the brakes of women vis-à-vis this sport, what are their barriers?

These questions, we decided to ask them to the main people concerned: lack of self-confidence, difficulties to win in men's teams, apprehension vis-à-vis this "guy's sport", inadequacy of "traditional clubs" to their schedules… If these answers were relatively varied, one thing was certain: none of these barriers was insurmountable! It was then that Manita was born.

Manita wishes to democratize women's leisure football by creating a “football club 2.0” dedicated to women and adapted to their desires, their constraints and their schedules.

We bring together a large community of players of all levels and ages, and we allow them to meet, exchange, and above all ... play football!

We offer and organize “à la carte” matches and training, turnkey, in several geographical areas and at various times.

Manita brings together around 200 players.

Website: www.manita.club



- COC Chamiers

The COCC is a club which celebrated its 40th anniversary. It is the result of a marriage between the town of Coulounieix and Chamiers. With a football school of more than 300 graduates; he has survived the decades. For 7 years, he created a women's football team, first at 8. Three years ago, we created a team U14-U17 at 11, then an U11-U13. Finally last year the senior team went from 8-a-side to 11-a-side play. The club thus has a little more than fifty female licensees.

Motto: "Never give up"

Website: https://coccfootball.footeo.com/


Rhône Alpes

- AS DIEMOZ, near Lyon

Club created in 1951 - 70 years in 2021

"We are all directly or indirectly affected by this disease through a close family friend ... we want to help."

The club has 180 licensees including 16 women.

Website: asdiemoz.footeo

- La Joyeuse Sportive Saint Paul lès Romans in the Drôme

La Joyeuse Sportive de foot was created on June 10, 1924 and officially affiliated to the French Football Federation on October 26, 1925. It brings together players from all over the region (some of them later founded AS St Donat) for more than 95 years old. The club now has 17 teams including 3 100% female teams. It has 250 Licensees, 25% of whom are female.

Motto: "Forza JS!"

Website: https://www.besport.com/group/19038



South West

- FC Sussargues, near Montpellier

FC SUSSARGUES-BERANGE is a French football club based in Sussargues, a town of 2800 inhabitants which is part of the Métropoles de MONTPELLIER in the Hérault department; ideally located on the edge of the Metropolis in the middle of vineyards and holm oaks, and only 20 km from Montpellier and the sea.

Our Club offers the practice of football from the age of five to seniors, and this whether boys or girls, since FC SUSSARGUES has a very dynamic Women's Section of more than 100 women. The FC SUSSARGUES-BERANGE has as a "Resident Club" of the Jules RIMET stadium belonging to MONTPELLIER-METROPOLE a first choice and effect equipment, it has 2 synthetic pitches, a 500-seat stand, lift, 6 player changing rooms, 2 referee changing rooms, 1 delegate's office, infirmary, Club house, 1 car park with 100 places, plus 1 additional car park with 300 places. The club is approved for youth and sports under n ° 279/84, it is also labeled "FFF" just like the Women's section, section which in 2016 obtained the 'Silver Label' of the FFF for its football school . Silver label renewed for 3 years (from 2018 to 2021).

The club has 116 female licensees and plays in Regional 1.

Motto: "Sussargues Ensemble"

Website: fc-sussargues.fr


- ASM FF, AS Monaco Football Féminin

Women's football in Monaco was born in 1977, which places it among the first women's clubs in France. The club had years at the national level in the 80s and 90s with a season in D1 and seasons in D2. Champion of France in U13 and U15 in the same period. After the beginning of the 2000s which were difficult, the ASMFF was created in 2011. A new work over 4 years was started in 2015. The objective is to rebuild the club and allow it to have all the categories, this will be paying with a transition from 50 to 150 graduates in 4 years. The club is 100% independent from ASMFC and it is solely on the development of women’s football practice. Everything is in place to provide the best possible conditions for the players.

ASM FF has 150 female-only licensees.

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