ALKÉ’s Legend

The perfect match between two icons

We named our brand ALKÉ after the Greek-goddess of battle-strenght, prowess and courage. Associated to this Goddess is a totem, the hummingbird, symbol of Velocity, Diversity, Elegance and Self-Confidence. The hummingbird reminds us that things are not always what they seems, in the like of David and Goliath, ALKÉ is a young brand that wishes to disrupt conventional beliefs, without being intimidated by the sports industry leaders.

We would like to tell you the legend of these two icons:

« One day as the goddess Alke was walking in the woods, she met a colorful hummingbird. He asked the spirit: Who are you? What are you doing in these woods?.

The hummingbird answered : I am the one for this mission, the bravest bird of the forest.

Then she took him on her back and they both left to give this little extra energy with which everything becomes possible. »

Our prints echo our icon !

Print ailé noir et blanc

Pixel plumage

Ailé Noir et vert

Ailé bleu et violet

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