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After Operation Pink October in 2020, ALKÉ is setting up a little more in Marseille and joining the selection of Maison Transversale in 2021. For the occasion, we asked the founders Alex and Fabrice a few questions to help you discover the story of the store : 

What is your background, where are you from? Where does your passion for football come from?

Fabrice: From a very young age, I have been passionate about sport, since my first tears after the elimination of France at Euro 96 ... I am an entrepreneur at heart, born in the Var and a supporter of the Olympic from Marseille !

Alex: I worked for a long time in music, then in photography. I practiced boxing and obviously I am passionate about football, my first big emotion was the victory of OM in 1993, I was a fan of the Waddle Cup ...

What made you want to launch Maison Transversale?

Fabrice: We have a common passion for art and sport and when the idea sprouted to open a shop in Marseille, it was very natural that we wanted to marry the two in a place of sharing.

What can we find in the store? Can you quickly explain the concept to us?

Alex: The concept is to offer a selection of brands and designers who show sport differently. We wanted to create a lively place, which highlights people who offer an innovative or artistic vision of sport. At Maison Transversale, you will therefore find textiles, books, wall art and sports games.

How do you select the brands and products you work with? What motivated you to work with ALKÉ?

Fabrice: The idea is to highlight people or products that move the lines, that bring their own perspective on sport. These are often projects that are put together with passion, with an approach ... With a brand like Le T-shirt Foot, the creators highlight the beautiful moments of football in an original way and on 100% organic cotton textile, with print on demand, no waste, etc. With an artist like Lionel Briot, we highlight his work on groups of supporters of the heyday of the late 1990s ...

Regarding Alké, we obviously appreciated the genesis of the brand, the practical and lifestyle approach to clothing, and above all the ambition to create products specifically for the practice of women's football. It fits 100% with the Maison Transversale spirit.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned so far in your entrepreneurial experience?

Alex: To be patient and stay in line with your beliefs.

If you had to keep only one thing in the store, what would it be?

Fabrice: It's the spirit that emanates from the store. It is undoubtedly the thing of which we are most proud, to have succeeded in federating around sport, for Maison Transversale to be a place of discussion, of debate. Our best moments in everyday life are moments of sharing with customers. When they tell us, with shining eyes, the moments that marked them, these are magical moments!

What is your dream ?

Alex: That this way of seeing, of experiencing sport touches more and more people, who can recognize themselves in the values that Maison Transversale promotes: the sport that brings people together, that makes us dream, and that opens up the eyes and perspectives.

Anything else or project that you would like to share with us?

Fabrice: We hope that this partnership with ALKÉ is the start of a long and beautiful story!

Maison Transversale

Maison Transversale

55 rue de Bruys

13005 Marseille

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