Interview of Marie-France Gosselet 57 aka Mimy Foot, founder of the Association “Footeuse à tout âge “ and member of the Granny foot, showing us by their actions that there is no age to play foot. 

When did you start playing football ? 

On April 2019, for Granny Foot.

How was the Mamies Foot adventure born?

In 2018, the Oldyssey association discovered during its world tour of the eldest, the South African Soccer Grannies.

These grandmothers who have been playing football for ten years hoped to come to France to see their national female team play during the Football World Cup. But their dearest wish was to make a match against French Grannies.

The CEO of the Senioriales agreed to make their wishes come true and launched a recruitment in the residences of his group. We were 12 to take up the challenge, while never kicking a ball ...

How do you feel when you play? 

Well-being and happiness

Your best match memory? or competition? 

The soccer grannies / Mamies Foot meeting in Saint Etienne

Your best memory off the field? 

The smile on faces when talking about the Granny Foot and the Initiative of the Footeuses at any age. 

Do you have a player you love the most? 

Eugenie Le Sommer

The woman who inspires you the most? 

Apart from soccer, Simone Veil

What's your dream? 

The success of our association « Footeuse à tout âge “ (Soccer players at any age association).


The « Footeuse à tout âge » association has the mission to promote the practice of football for all men and women at any age of life, 

And to facilitate access to the practice of recreational football for women over 50 years in local clubs.